Human Resources

Professional Development Funds

Guide to available funding sources supporting
Professional Development for Faculty and ACLs at Housatonic Community College

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What types of funds are available?

Professional Development Funds, Waiver of Tuition and Fees, Center for Teaching Funds, Technology Training Program, Retraining Funds

How do I know which to apply for?

Each program is described below to help you determine the best source of funding for your needs.

What is the application process?

Follow the steps for Professional Development Funds. Other programs can be explained further by the Human Resources Department.

How does reimbursement affect my taxable income?

In most cases the reimbursement you receive does not get factored into your taxable income even though it is reported as part of your gross income. Some exclusions may apply when being reimbursed for tuition. Refer to Memorandum No. 2006-38 (available in the HR office) for details.

Professional Development Funds

Professional Development Funds are designated for activities that enhance professional growth. The applicant selects the professional development activity based on personal interests and applicability of the training to the goals of the College.

Funds may be used to:

  • Attend professional conferences, seminars, courses, graduate programs, or participate in distance learning activities.
  • Develop and participate in seminars and conferences at HCC.

Each year the Human Resources Department will announce the maximum dollar amount that an individual may receive as reimbursement during that academic year. This figure is based upon the funding received by the College and recommendations made by the Professional Development Committee. Proposals are reviewed and approved by the Academic Dean. The applicant will be notified if proposal is not approved or more information is needed.

Who may Apply

All full-time faculty and ACLs. Part-time employees should refer to the Bargaining Unit Contract for eligibility.

Documentation and Deadlines

Professional Development Funds are allocated to HCC for use during the academic year. As a State agency, HCC must comply with existing policy on deadlines and adequate documentation.  Please follow the steps below to ensure the proper processing of your request:

  • To reserve funds, complete a travel authorization form (available in the HR Office or download here).
  • Attach an official description of the program or product, including dates of attendance, if applicable.
  • Submit the proposal to the Academic Dean’s Office as soon as you can. Funds will be encumbered in the order in which requests are received and approved by the Dean. If your request is for an event, your reimbursement will be processed upon completion of the event.
  • To request reimbursement, complete an employee reimbursement form and submit to the Academic Dean’s Office with proof of payment, attendance and/or completion. Proof of payment must be in the form of a cancelled check with the name of the vendor or a credit card receipt. PLEASE DO NOT PAY WITH CASH.
  • As reimbursements must be made by the end of the academic year, you must complete and submit all paperwork by the annual deadline provided by the HR Office. This will allow sufficient time to process all requests.

Additional Sources of Funding

Waiver of Tuition and Fees

All full-time Faculty & ACLs are eligible to receive a waiver of tuition and fees for any credit course at any Connecticut Community College (CCC) during the academic year. Waivers may be granted for non-credit courses (CE) and extension credit course offerings (summer and winter breaks) on a space-available basis at the discretion of the CCC the employee (or employee’s spouse/dependent child) elects to attend. Administration is in accordance with the regulations outlined in Article XX1, Section 8 of the 4C’s contract. Waiver forms may be attained through the HR Office or online. (forms available here)

Center for Teaching (CFT)

The Center for Teaching offers a wide range of free professional development for educators, including on-campus workshops, speakers, and discussions, off-campus retreats and seminars, a web site and the WebCT site for the exchange of ideas and sharing of resources. The campus Teaching/Learning Consultant is also available to faculty and teaching staff who seek confidential assistance or need resources. In addition, Center for Teaching may underwrite the cost of materials and/or speakers for shared-learning experiences between classes or among faculty. For more information, contact Steve Mark at or visit the CFT web site.

Technology Training Program

This program is designed to enhance information technology (IT) skills of faculty and ACLs, infuse technology into the teaching/learning process and otherwise expand IT training opportunities. The details of the Technology Training Program, as well as the procedures for applying for the funds, may be obtained by contacting the HR Office, A204 or you may download the document here.

Retraining Funds

Retraining funds are available to principal bargaining unit members (except EAs and PTLs) to support a planned educational program, which will meet identified needs of the college and one or more of the following:

  • Results in redirection of 4C’s members whose program areas may be subject to reduction or elimination.
  • Leads to professional competence in a different discipline or new area of expertise that represents an area of identified need at the college.
  • Enables the college to offer new courses to meet student demand, especially where current faculty have not had recent formal training necessary to teach the subject matter.
  • Develops leadership skills in faculty and administrators, in order to more effectively administer their programs/ departments.

To find out more about submitting a Retraining Proposal, please contact the HR Office or you may download the document here.

Forms are available in the Human Resources office, A204, or contact Lydia Pizarro-Quesada, 203-332-5059,

Housatonic Community College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F.
Protected group members are encouraged to apply.