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(2014-2015 Catalog) Course Selection Guide for this program

Nursing (code: EB30n)   

Associate in Science Degree

The goal of this program is to expand higher educational opportunities for graduates of the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing (BHSN) by applying the courses taken in its program towards satisfaction of associate degree requirements at Housatonic.

This Associate in Science Degree program is a collaborative effort between The Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing (BHSN) and Housatonic Community College. It provides for students entering BHSN in September 1984 and after to receive an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing from Housatonic after they graduate from the BHSN Nursing Diploma Program and satisfy the requirements specified by the College. It does not require that the College requirements be satisfied in order for the BHSN graduate to sit for the NCLEX-RN Examination for nursing licensure, but students must pass the licensing exam before applying for the associate degree and being formally admitted to the Nursing Degree Program.


  • Graduate from Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN examination for nursing licensure.
  • Complete the general education courses in satisfaction of the associate degree requirements.

Admission to the Program

The Nursing Program is a cooperative program with Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing. Students expressing an interest in nursing should enroll at Housatonic in the General Studies Program. By separate application to BHSN, one becomes eligible for the specific nursing course taught there.

Note: Students should initially and frequently consult with the Coordinator of the Nursing Program at HCC in order to assure proper sequencing and progression through the college core courses before applying to BHSN.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:
Prerequisite or parallel courses may be required. Please check individual course descriptions for details.

Courses to be taken at HCC

  ENG* E101
  ENG* E102
Literature & Composition    
  PSY* E111
General Psychology I    
  PSY* E202
Child Psychology & Development    
  SOC* E101
Principles of Sociology    
  COM* E173
Public Speaking    
  Humanities 1
  BIO* E211 2
Anatomy & Physiology I    
  BIO* E212 2
Anatomy & Physiology II    
  BIO* E235 2

Nursing specialty courses to be taken at the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing

  Level I 3
Nursing I **    
  Level II 3
Nursing II **    
  Level III 3
Nursing III, IV, and V **    

Total Credits 


1 See Coordinator for appropriate choices.

2 Specific math and science prerequisites apply. Please see program coordinator.

3 **The credit award for the hospital diploma program is based on an assessment conducted by the New York State Board of Regents' National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction.

Note: A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in 200-level courses.

Note: For degree completion the student must complete the Computer Literacy Requirement.

› Please read Expectations for Student Use of Computers in Courses