Admissions to HCC

Programs for High School Students

Housatonic offers a number of programs which provide access to the college for high school students.

High School Partnership Program (HSP)

Housatonic and many area high schools have signed agreements which permit eligible high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college-level credit courses at Housatonic at no cost under the Housatonic High School Partnership Program. To be eligible for consideration, students must have the written recommendation of their high school principal or counselor, have at least an 80 (“B”) academic average, and test into college-level (non-remedial) courses. Students admitted under the High School Partnership Program are responsible for the cost of their books and transportation. Based on availability of funds, students might be eligible for a book voucher. Each high school is limited to enrolling one student each semester.

College Career Pathway Program

Housatonic participates in the College Career Pathways (formerly Tech Prep), 2+2 Associate Degree Program. The College Career Pathways program is a high school-based and college-based experience that combines academic and occupational learning.

College Career Pathways (CCP) serves as a link between secondary and post-secondary education and offers up to four years of a sequential program of study that includes mathematics, science, communication and a career course at the secondary and post-secondary levels to prepare students for career fields. Courses begin in the 10th grade and may result in an award of an associate degree or certificate after two years of post-secondary training.

The College Career Pathways program is designed to build student competency in academic subjects and provide academic preparation in a career area. High school students interested in this program should speak with their guidance counselor or the Housatonic Coordinator for High School Outreach Programs.

All Other High School Students

In order for students, including non-HSP and all others without a high school diploma or GED to be admitted to Housatonic, they must demonstrate sufficient scholastic ability as demonstrated by meeting the following minimum scores on the Accuplacer placement test: Reading (score of 55 or higher); Sentence Skills (score of 60 or higher); Arithmetic (score of 34 or higher). For consistency purposes, these are the same minimum scores used by the Federal government in determining financial aid eligibility for certain students. A letter of recommendation from their high school principal or a designated representative also must be submitted with the application to the Admissions Office. These students are required to pay tuition and fees for any courses taken.

All students without a high school diploma or GED may be admitted to courses of study for which they satisfy the prerequisites. These students should have such maturity and other qualities indicating ability to profit from a program offered by the college. Maturity level may be determined through a personal interview. The credits earned shall be held until graduation from high school, at which time credits may be used to satisfy appropriate degree requirements or may be transferred to other colleges.

Unless students have a qualifying SAT or ACT test waiver, a placement test is required of all students who are interested in participating in the High School Partnership Program and for other high school students on a tuition-paying basis who plan on taking classes at Housatonic Community College.