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Degrees and Certificates

Housatonic Community College is a two-year comprehensive community college authorized to award Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees. Students are prepared to continue their education, and to transfer their credits to four-year institutions throughout the country. Career programs prepare graduates for occupations in business, human services, criminal justice, early childhood education, occupational therapy, and others, ordinarily requiring no more than two years of study. All career curricula include a core of studies in general education as well as in technical and occupational courses.

The college also offers a broad variety of certificate programs and program options to prepare students for employment or advancement in business, industry, health, manufacturing, and public service organizations.

Committed to Success: Support Services

Academic Support Services have been designed to help students to succeed in their studies. Services include the Center for Academic Progress (CAP) including iMath and iEnglish refresher programs, Library study rooms, Writing Across the Curriculum Center, services for those with disabilities, free tutoring, including online tutoring, computer labs, and frequent workshops. Services are provided by highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.

Workforce Development

HCC's Community Outreach Division consists of several key support functions that are each designed to extend the college’s reach into the community. Enterprise-wide functions include: Public and Media Relations, including the college's News Bureau; Marketing, Advertising and Publications, supported through an in-house graphic design studio; Web Administration and Content Management supported by the college’s web team; Legislative Affairs, and Events Management for facility use of both internal and external groups. Additionally, virtually all of the non-credit programs of the college are managed by the Community Outreach Division and are described below in greater detail.

HCC Strategic Solutions Group: HCC’s Workforce Development Component

What is often termed “Workforce Development” on other campuses is known as the HCC Strategic Solutions Group. HCC Strategic Solutions is part of the state-wide Business and Industry Services Network of the Connecticut Community Colleges. By providing solutions to businesses (irrespective of size), government agencies, professional associations, cultural organizations, and other entities, HCC plays a significant role in the economic development of the college’s 11-town service area.

The competitive job skill needs of organizations can be effectively met through a host of services including: needs assessments; gap analyses; employee skills audits; training programs; learning assessments; program evaluations; and other consulting services. Training challenges are often directed to specific employee groups such as entry-level staff, incumbent workers, supervisors, production and operations staff, managers, and/or organizational leadership.

HCC’s team of seasoned content experts is drawn directly from business and industry settings ranging from sole-consultancies to Fortune 500 corporations. Training programs include a wide variety of content from Contemporary Workplace Issues, Organizational Development, Management Effectiveness, Customer Service, and Employability Skills to Communication Effectiveness, Manufacturing, and Information Technology. A growing program is SSG's Shop Floor ESL, offered to first-line production workers. HCC Strategic Solutions Group's aim is to help drive productivity and growth by consistently offering current, sustainable, and relevant programs that meet the real-world learning needs of area organizations.

For more information about HCC Strategic Solutions Group, visit their website at: or call 203.332.5150.

HCC Continuing Education Programs

As Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan once said, "Learning will increasingly need to be a lifelong activity. The days when a high school or college education would serve a graduate throughout his or her working career are gone." To address those challenges, Continuing Education at HCC, managed by the Community Outreach Division, has been specifically designed to encourage individuals to invest in their own lifelong learning needs through the customized pursuit of learning that is most meaningful to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

Whether it be for career development or personal enrichment purposes, HCC offers programming to serve either personal objective. Career Enhancement programs offered by HCC provide the needed skill upgrades for individuals to keep pace in a constantly changing work environment and to remain relevant in an ever evolving global marketplace. Courses include English as a Second Language, basic skills, GED, bookkeeping, and entrepreneurship, among many others. In some instances, certain courses can be linked to create non-credit Certificate Programs such as the Certified Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Professional Coder, Personal Trainer, and S.M.A.R.T Professional Bartending among others. Occupational training programs prepare students for entry or mid-level skills jobs. See the Non-Credit Program section of this catalog for more information on programming.

For current information about HCC Continuing Education programs, visit the college’s website at: or call 203-332-5057.