Media Services

Media Equipment & Use Policies

Use Policies - For current policies, please contact Media Services.

Equipment Available for Use:

The Media Services department is like the college’s community tool shed. You may sign-out equipment for use on campus. In most cases equipment must be returned the same day, preferably as soon as you are through, and it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance. See additional equipment policies below.

  • Digital Cameras – After using the camera, simply remove the memory card, insert it into the card reader and connect it to your computer.
  • Digital Camcorders – You record, and then we’ll transfer your video to DVD.
  • Flip Camcorder – Comes with built in software that makes editing your video very easy.
  • iPad – Very portable, use for PowerPoint presentations on and off campus, when a laptop isn’t needed. Can be connected to a projector. Have an important speech? Use the ipad’s app for turning it into a teleprompter.
  • Laptops – Dell E6400 or 13-inch Apple Macbook Pro. On- or off-campus wireless-enabled.
  • Mac Adapters – connect any video-capable Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a projector.
  • Portable Projector – Powerful little Dell projector that can travel with a laptop for off-campus functions.
  • COW – Computer on wheels with a projector, VCR/DVD player, and speakers connected.
  • COW with Document Camera – Everything a COW has, plus a document camera.
  • TVs with DVD/VCR players – Available on portable carts.
  • Portable PAs – We have two personal PAs that have a headset type of microphone and very small amplifiers (one is worn around your waist). They are a great tool if your class is large, or the classroom’s ventilation is noisy, and you’re tired of raising your voice or you’re just soft spoken. There are studies that show voice amplification raises student’s retention. We have one adjunct instructor who uses it religiously.
  • Portable Document Camera – This is a much smaller version of the document camera that you find in the media rich classrooms. It can be used on a COW or packed-up and taken off campus. Please keep in mind that this document camera does not have the brightness or auto-focus like the document cameras in the media rich classrooms.
  • Portable 60” projection screen – Fairly easy to carry and a cinch to open.
  • Digital Voice Recorder (hand-held) – When you’re finished simply transfer the audio file to your computer via your USB connection, and then return the recorder to Media Services.
  • Marantz CD Recorder – This equipment will require an appointment for a “how to” hands-on demo. Excellent tool for recording narration.
  • Boom boxes – Available with iPod docks.
  • Wireless Mice/Presenters – with built-in laser pointers. Ideal for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Laser pointers