myCommNet Information

Online Access to College Services and Information / myCommNet Portal

Via the Internet on- or off-campus, myCommNet ( will be the source of information and services for students, faculty and staff of the Connecticut Community Colleges. myCommNet makes it easier to conduct college business, communicate with others in your classes, and participate in online class opportunities. It’s where you can register for classes, check your academic progress, interact with classmates, and manage your college finances, all with a single sign-on. You only have to remember one user ID and one password to reach all of your college’s online services.

In addition to activities for existing students, myCommNet also provides links to submit an application for admission and to search for courses offered by semester.

myCommNet Alert is a notification system that delivers critical information to students, faculty and staff of the Connecticut Community Colleges in the event of an emergency. The system delivers emergency messages through text messaging over cellular phones. Emergencies may include campus-related immediate health or safety situations and may also include weather-related class cancellation.

Enrollment in myCommNet Alert is free and voluntary. If you do not enroll in the system, you will not receive emergency alert messages through this system. Enrollment is strongly recommended. Please note that text message costs will follow your calling plan's terms for receiving and opening text messages. Enrollment is easy and takes only a few minutes.

myCommNet Alert is powered through MIR3, a worldwide provider of emergency notification systems. The contact information you provide will only be used for this system. Contact information will not be shared for any commercial purposes. myCommNet Alert will only be used for emergency notifications, testing and maintenance of the system. Tests are expected to be conducted once a year. You will not receive spam through the myCommNet Alert system.

See the Housatonic web site for instructions for enrolling into myCommNet Alert.