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Computer Literacy Test & Requirement 
(for HCC students only)

Computer Literacy Requirement

In today’s global society, computer literacy has become an essential skill, comparable to reading, writing, and arithmetic. Computer literacy at the college level means the ability to use computer-based technology in communicating, problem solving, and acquiring information. Upon graduation, students should have the tools necessary to evaluate and learn new technologies as they become available.

In order to complete their education at Housatonic Community College, transfer to a four-year institution, or enter the workforce, HCC students must either complete a program-specific course showing computer literacy or successfully pass a test that shows ability to use word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets, the Internet, and email as tools to communicate and access electronic information.

All students enrolling in an associate degree program at HCC are required to fulfill the Computer Literacy Requirement prior to graduation and are encouraged to do so within the first 12 college-level credits.

The Computer Literacy Requirement can be satisfied in either of the following ways:

  • Successful completion of a designated Code “C” course at HCC or an equivalent course from another accredited college (an official transcript must be submitted and a course description and course syllabus may be requested).
  • Passing the HCC Computer Literacy Test* with a satisfactory score.

*Students who fail to pass the test after two attempts (one month apart) must satisfy the Computer Literacy Requirement by taking one of the designated Code “C” courses.

The Computer Literacy Requirement is built into some of the associate degree programs.
Elective Code “C” courses at HCC will teach students to meet the following computer literacy competencies adapted from

  1. The ability to use a computer or mobile device, including use of a mouse, keyboard, icons, and folders;
  2. The ability to use software and applications as tools of communication, including proficiency in at least four of the following software types: word processing, spreadsheet software, presentation software, the Internet, and email;

Who does this requirement apply to?

This requirement applies to all students enrolled in an associate degree program who have not yet met the Computer Literacy Requirement.

How do I find out if I already met the requirement?

Follow the directions below for a Student Degree Evaluation to see if the Computer Literacy Requirement has been “Met” or “Not Met”:

  • Sign on to myCommNet
  • Click Student Tab , then Student Self-Service
  • Click HCC
  • Click Student Records then Student Degree Evaluation
  • Select Current Term and What If Analysis
  • Select Term You Began or When You Changed Major
  • If earlier than Fall 02, select Fall 02 then continue
  • Select Program then continue
  • Select First Major then Submit
  • Generate Request then Submit

Areas designated as MET are completed
Areas NOT MET need to be completed, see advisor for proper course selection.

How can I meet the requirement?

You can meet this requirement by:

• Successfully completing a designated course at HCC or transferring an equivalent course from another accredited college (an official transcript with course description or course syllabus must be submitted to Admissions)
- OR -
• Passing the HCC Computer Literacy Test with a satisfactory score.

If I pass the Computer Literacy Test do I get college credits?

Passing the Computer Literacy Test will fulfill your graduation requirement, but will NOT give you college credits, nor will it exempt you from any courses.

How do I sign up for the Computer Literacy Test?

For a list of test topics and to schedule a Computer Literacy Test, call 203-332-5217 or stop by room B119 in Lafayette Hall.

How many times can I take the Computer Literacy Test?

You may take the test two times. Students who do not pass the test after two attempts must satisfy the Computer Literacy Requirement by taking a designated course.